Junglelivity 004

Bay B Kane & XBass / Bay B Kane - China (Masters of Wisdom VIP) / Eternity

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Be prepare to slide with sun from the east! Bay B Kane and XBass create a masterpiece of Future Jungle meditation. China is a kind of dub-minded track manufactured as it can done by the real Masters of Wisdom only! The theme grips and takes you in versatile manner leading you supported by a crumby whispering bass to the depths of mind and spirit. - Soulful Future Jungle full of deepness, Bay B Kane even knows to thread his way on the flipside. Eternity is formed like music flows till in the end of all time... timeless, alterable and respectful to all human limits.

Cool instrumental Jungle, and smart chilling breakbeat. A very musical record, full of world music influences, at the break-trance frontier. (...) Luv this ! - Toolbox