Junglelivity 005

Bay B Kane - Concrete Clouds EP

Junglelivity 005 A side Junglelivity 005 B side

Bay B Kane`s third release on Junglelivtiy reveals again his genius as creator of endless floating Jungle music. Like a stream he spreads out all spheres of this genre with ease. Stepping ruff cymbals and drums like at "Concrete Clouds", a sunny vibrant beeline like at "Bless We", or a jazzy minimalism varying theme like at "Aurora", Bay B Kane accomplishes once more a stage discovering the utmost of secret forces behind Jungle.

On Bless We, find a super fresh jungle groove, no too mutch Amen break, and very orientalized. With Concrete Coulds the Amen Break is back, and Fat, a bit like a DJ K style: Fat and slammin! At least, Aurora drops into oldschool deep jungle... Once again Junglelivity brings fresh tunes, out of the common fields, with colors, relief and a variety of structures. A Superb record! SUPPORT! - Toolbox