Junglelivity 008

Rolling Paper, Bone Man & Bay B Kane - Call Me EP

Junglelivity 008 A side Junglelivity 008 B side

Number 008 of Junglelivity covered tracks of Rolling Paper (Canada) and Bone Man (UK). A pushing bassline on tricky drums and a desire to follow the mediative Call Me in all depths, the opener of Rolling Paper is an up-to-time minimalistic Drum`n`Bass track with an mental attitude. Track two, Voices Inside My Head continues the theme by opposite means. Mentallity by a dope low bassline on Future Jungle breaks, Bay B Kane V.I.P mix knows to apply the correct remedies keeping the vibe concentrated. - Doing his first appearance on Junglelivity 006, Bone Man`s new track Apollo is perfect tuned Drum`n`Bass by all senses! A bright and warm bassline, an uplifting sax and a swinging vibe keeping the feet easy over the ground. Drive hits plenty of groove in a serene ambience. Plunge in!

Drum & bass dancefloor and the A and B-side brings a cool downtempo Jungle first track and a Jungle olschool, a bit jazzy... Superb sounds... Once again these guys rocks!!! ENJOY! - Toolbox