Junglelivity 006

Bay B Kane & Darkhalf / BoneMan - Get Madd VIP / Lethal Technique (BBKs Blade of Illusion VIP)

Junglelivity 006 A side Junglelivity 006 B side

Sliding more to the dark side than its predecessors, Junglelivity 006 features two collaborations of Bay B Kane. "Get Madd VIP" is a cooperation with Darkhalf, head of Perpetual Recordings. The tune is based on a ruff rhythmical skeleton with a heavy wafting bassline. When the thrilling theme steps in it`s clear why the title is manifesto.
Gloomy, mystical and a real dropping bass, Bay B Kane remix of Bone Man`s "Lethal Technique" spins its own atmosphere of illusion which let you float between threat and peaceful relaxation with ease.